Coastguard Cottages

The Peninsula Trust is delighted to have finally secured three houses at Coastguard Cottages, Penlee, Cawsand. We are currently refurbishing the houses and if all goes well, they will be ready for tenants in late Spring. These are small cottages: two bedrooms, bathroom, front room, kitchen. They will be let on permanent tenancies, with full security, at £526/month. They have parking and gardens. Please note that there is no Right to Buy on our houses.

The deadline for applications has now passed.

How tenants will be selected

We know that demand for these houses will be very high, so we have created a fair Scoring System that will select the tenants on a points-based system.

  • The national housing regulations oblige us to give priority to residents of the parish where houses are located – in this case Maker-with-Rame (Cawsand, Kingsand, Cremyll, Rame and surroundings), so those with longer, deeper connections here will get more points. If there are no high-need applicants in Maker-with-Rame, we will look at those from the next parishes, Millbrook / St. John.
  • We will not take applicants with substantial rent arrears or a history of anti-social behaviour – we are not a housing provider of last resort, please approach the Council.
  • The following are not eligible and should not apply: earnings over £60,000/year; savings/assets of over £50,000; anyone owning a property.
  • These are small family houses. Single people, and families with three or more children, are not eligible and should not apply.
  • The houses are Grade II listed and cannot be altered. They have steep stairs and are not suitable for anyone with mobility restrictions.

Our selection process is objective and neutral – it considers only your situation, and has no opinions about individuals. When we have the short-listed applicants, an Evaluation Panel will check to ensure that the Scoring System has been followed correctly. Our staff have no decision-making powers and are not represented on the panel.


The checking process

Please note that we will carry out full checks on the information you give us, including your local connection, rent arrears, any history of anti-social behaviour and credit checking on your financial situation. Please don’t waste your time or ours if you are not eligible.