Letters & Feedback

Extracts from some of our letters of support, including some special memories of The Old Ship 

"I grew up in the village..So did my dad. My mum ( who is still there) her mum and dad. Their parents as well. Not mine though. I couldn't afford to stay. Penzance isn't the same.  My head was wetted in the Ship. Mum dad and myself all had our first legal pint on our 18ths."

"...a groundbreaking proposal, I wish you every success with the project, just what we need in the village..."

"What a wonderful idea to bring this very sad but historic building back to life.  It was shameful that it was left empty for so many years, and you should be congratulated for attempting to rebuild it as a facility that will benefit the entire community.  It is a sad fact that if you don't take on the restoration, it will probably remain empty and an eyesore for years to come."

"I am full of admiration for the hard work you have put into making your project in Millbrook a success, and I hope that everyone gets behind you in your endeavour to raise The Ship from the dead."

"As a boy of the village my Grandmother Freda used to tell me about Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton who stayed at the Inn.  I drank and ate there on occasions some 30 years ago.  Its very important that that sort of heritage is preserved..."

"Flats - brilliant!  Housing is definitely needed for young local people.  Heritage centre - nice idea.  Plenty of materials and interested potential volunteers available.  Cafe and children's space - excellent.  Currently nowhere that young mothers can comfortably"

"...saving and restoring the burnt out remains of the Old Ship Inn, Cawsand is a great idea.  As a historical part of the village it has been very sad to see it derelict and then a burnt out shell for so long.  It has a prominent place on Garrett Street and I do feel that the facade of it should be preserved..."

"I am aware of the housing shortage in the local area and the challenges for local people to find somewhere affordable to live, and the Trust's plans appear to help address both this issue and provide additional benefits to the community."

"This project will undoubtedly help rejuvenate the village, while also providing affordable housing for young local people."

"For too long village property has been brought up for luxury developments.....Unless people can afford to live here full time the place will die..."

"I am 74 years old now and was born at Maker Farm.  I have known the Ship Inn for most of my life and been there many times when it was a pub.  I was very sad when it burnt down.  I am writing to support the work of The Peninsula Trust to buy and rebuild the Old Ship Inn in Cawsand.  I believe that creating a new community space and housing for the area will be highly beneficial."

"I have been coming to the village all of my life and feel that this important site should be used to provide homes for local people as well as provide a community facility for locals and visitors alike."

"I have fond memories of the Rame Peninsula.  I was born at Kingsand, I was married at Rame and my parents and grandparents and ancestors came from that area.  In fact my grandparents lived on the corner of Garrett Street a few doors along from The Ship.  I am enclosing a cheque and look forward to hearing of your progress."

"The project is a wonderful opportunity to breath life into a valuable part of Cawsand's heritage whilst meeting the needs of today.  We feel that the plans for the Old Ship are very imaginative and wish the project every success"

"Been visiting for 40 years, sister lives locally.  Nice to see development for the locals."

"Very ambitious and much needed project."

"Would love to see the site put into use for local people."

"Memories of 50 years ago, as a student on pub crawls through the two villages!"

"I am so glad to hear of this project.  The building has interested us for so many years."

"Wonderful imaginative project - fantastic for the local community.  Keeping it local is so important!"

"It is particularly beneficial that the housing will be truly affordable and, as it is for rent only, will remain as a resource for the community."

"It is vital to provide accommodations for younger people if this community is not to atrophy"

"I think it is very important for the life blood of the village to be able to have affordable housing."

"We have been coming to the village for the past 5 years and what a fabulous idea to redevelop this site to support this wonderful community"

"Housing for young people in the centre of the village is really important to ensure life in the village all year round and to ensure a vibrant community."

"Do it!  Would be brilliant to have The Ship back and running as an actual business/community centre rather than a burnt out shell.  Also housing that young people can afford is so scarce that this would really help out."

"A fantastic proposal - worthy of support from 'the powers that be'"

"Reviving The Old Ship would provide enormous benefit to the village and community, as well as providing desperately needed affordable living spaces.  Good luck!"

"With no developments on the Ship so far, the Peninsula Trust proposals are most welcome in our community.  The shortage of affordable accommodation in our village means this is really great news!  It has my full backing and I hope this will be the new heart of the village."

I am from Cawsand and lived here until I was 21.  I cannot currently afford to live here even though my friends, family and support network are here.  Please support any work to benefit the community and young people!"